ArquitecturaTierra was born in Barcelona in 2016, as a multidisciplinary project that aims to propose architectural alternatives coherent with human beings and nature.

Architecture as a mechanized trade for the manufacture of a standardized consumer product represents everything we are not. For us, Architecture is the composition of the human space in harmony with nature; it is a complex process, where the real value of the space has to do with the quality of belonging, and with the individual and collective development of the inhabitants and the environments.

The beginning of a new millennium, without a doubt, is a point of inflexion that can not be postponed to question the way and the meaning we give to the use and production of human spaces. We are actors of the now, we are cause and effect in the construction of the future.


The art of construction

For us, architecture is not a matter of form. The space, the human architectural space is our priority. It is not about the facade, the elevation, making an image, or making money. Our passion is to create space. We try to make building an art, it is not just about shapes and images. Our goal is the art of construction through the correct use of materials and technology, at the service of man and society.


People, materials and light

In this context, our most important actors are people and then, materials and light. Architecture has a special relationship with life. We consider it primarily as a wrapper and background for the life that develops in and around it, a container sensitive to the rhythm of steps, to the development of activity, to the silence of the dream. Once we have tuned the desires and needs of people, light is our main tool for the configuration of space, which in conjunction with materials and technique, allows us to materialize architecture.


We learn from nature

We believe that the possibility of finding beauty is greater if we do not work thinking about it directly. Beauty in architecture is driven by practicality. We learn this by studying nature, vernacular architecture and old urban landscapes. We are convinced that a good building must be able to absorb the traces of human life, know how to age and acquire a specific wealth over time.

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Architecture and life

As is well known, construction is among the most polluting activities. The way in which cities have been built during the twentieth century, hand in hand with ‘irresponsible modern’ architecture, allows predicting irreversible self-destruction in the near future, if we do not correct our constructive habits in time.

For this reason, we are committed to the research and implementation of alternative construction technologies that, making use of advances in science and technology, allow us to reduce pollution levels over the next few years.

On the other hand, we are interested in recovering the use of natural materials for multiple benefits. Humans feel a certain way in a building made of glass, concrete, wood or earth. It has an effect on our skin and our sensations. Wood and earth do not steal our body’s energy in the same way that glass and concrete steal heat. When it’s hot, a house made of wood or earth feels cooler than a concrete house, and when it’s cold, the other way around.

(Inspired by Peter Zumthor’s architectural discourse)






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